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show [-z zoom] [-c color map] n


show displays a single data file on the terminal. show requires one input n - the file number to displayed. show executes epaste without the need for specifying optional commands for the current simulation. The execution of show can be modified by options, but the purpose of show is to avoid memorizing and typing the options for epaste. show reads visual.dat to get options that are specifically required for the current simulation. The data in visual.dat should include an appropriate version of the following.
                 path pathname
                 base image 
                 height 512 
                 width 256 
                 color cmap 
                 zoom 1
The lines data is not required to appear in a specific order, but the individual lines must contain the description (i.e. base) along with the data (i.e. image). show interpretes the following options. While show can be modified, the purpose of show is to provide an interface to epaste that does not require optional arguments to run.


play, emovie, epaste

David Eyre